Antique Picture Frames

We carry a stock of antique picture frames dating from the 18th to the early 20th century. From Victorian decorative gilt swept frames to Edwardian dark oak and beech.

Sizes of moulding and aperture dimensions vary, please call Karen for details and availability 01548 830872.

Antique Victorian gilt frameGilt Frame for sale - 19th century
Decorative Victorian Gilt Frame

Antique Frame No. 3

Victorian gilt swept frame, delicate decoration, ideal for a miniature landscape or portrait.

Total width of moulding not including corner decor - 41mm.

Internal aperture (glass size) - 155 x 136mm, 6 x 5 "

Visible window size: 135 x 115, 5.25 x 4.5 "

External size: 232 x 215mm, 9 x 8.5".

Height of frame (back to front): 55mm

Condition: Restored and re-gilded


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Late Victorian gilt frameAntique Gilt Frame for sale - 19th century
Decorative Victorian Miniature Frame

Frame No. 2

Victorian style gilt c. 1950, swept frame, very decorative, with internal gilt slip.

Total width of moulding including slip - 125mm.

Internal aperture (glass size) - 410 x 305mm, 16 x 12"

Visible window size: 394 x 292, 15.5 x 11.5"

External size: 650 x 546mm, 25.5 x 21.5".

Height of frame (back to front): 75mm

Condition: Minor paint loss to one corner of slip.

£95.00. UK mainland delivery - £15.00

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Antique Picture Frames for sale



Antique Frame No. 1

Lacquered black, ebony style, late Victorian frame with decorative gilt sight line and an internal gilt slip.

Total width of moulding - 92mm.

Internal aperture (glass size) - 641 x 474mm, 25.25 x 18.6"

Condition: Some scratches to black lacquer, age distressing to gilt slip.


UK mainland delivery - £15.00


Roun gilt mirror

Round Gilt Mirror

English Round Bevelled Mirror Pierced Gilt Frame circa 1920/30

Price: £SOLD

Size: Mirror 460mm, 18" diameter External frame - 635mm, 25"

Order No. 471

UK mainland delivery - £15.00

Condition: Restored and re-gilded.


Antique Overmantle Mirror

French Overmantle Gilt Mirror dated 1881 (Date verso shows through silvering)

Size: 560 x 950mm, 22 x 37.5

Price: SOLD

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Mirror detail

Antique Overmantle Mirror

These are genuine antique frames, our range of antique reproduction swept frames can be viewed here

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